Announcing OrangeFS 2.9.7

Becky Ligon ligon at
Wed Nov 29 16:10:21 EST 2017

OrangeFS 2.9.7 is now available for download from or

Below is the ChangeLog:

OrangeFS Release ChangeLog
orangefs-2.9.7 (Subversion Branch v.2.9.x)
up to rev 13122 in trunk

New functionality:
        1.  Added support for Oracle Linux 7.3 with one caveat:  Cannot use
            OrangeFS as the backing filesystem for a user-defined loop
            Support will be forth coming.

        2.  Added support for large LMDB databases using DBMaxSize config

        3.  Added scripts in the examples/profile.d directory that can be
placed in
            /etc/profile.d.  These scripts add OrangeFS locations to

        4.  Added support for Fedora 26.  Certificate security is not yet
            compatible with OpenSSL 1.1 but work is in progress.

        5.  Official OrangeFS rpm is in the Fedora distribution.  The rpm
            be in either Fedora 27 or Fedora 28.  The rpm will also be in
            their EPEL repository, allowing other RHEL distributions to

        6.  Added --with-lmdb to the configure script, so you can specify
            location of your LMDB installation.  Otherwise, LMDB delivered
            with OrangeFS will be used.  NOTE: Either way, to use LMDB
            of Berkely DB, you must specify --with-db-backend=lmdb on the
            configure line.

        7.  pvfs2-genconfig will ask you where you want to put the server
            file, with the default being the <installation
            You can still put the server config filename directly on the
command line.

        8.  ACL processing is now done as specified by POSIX.

* - Server
        * - Enhanced permission checking and job scheduling for tree
        * - Removed memory leaks from the getattr operation and restructured
            keyval buffer management.
        * - Corrected problem with mgmt-create-root-dir related to having a
            correct capability when calling tree-setattr.
        * - Fixed capability errors that may occur during mkdir.
        * - Correctly populate the position token during a readdir operation
            to prevent overrun of dirdata index bits.
        * - Correct the max size calculation for a readdir response.
        * - On some platforms, issuing a pvfs2-ls would cause one or more
            pvfs2-server processes to segfault due to an invalid parameter
            sent to the server when list-attr was called.  This problem
            was discovered when the code is compiled using the
            rpm requirements.
        * - Made atime on directories more POSIX complient, i.e., we do not
            update atime on a directory when an entry is created or removed.
        * - Don't update ctime on file access (xfstests generic/003).

* - Clients
        * - Client Core
                * - Enhanced the readahead cache with multiple readahead
                * - Corrected double-free bug in readahead code
                * - Corrected additional problems with readahead code
                    and removes memory leaks identified by Valgrind.
                * - Enhanced the remount procedure to handle new
                    PVFS2_VFS_OP_FEATURES request.
                * - Corrected problem where client-core went into an
                    loop when a file create operation detected that the file
                    already exists and hints were recreated for a call to
                    lookup.  It was the hints processing that was in the
                    infinite loop.

        * - All Clients
                * - Dual license OrangeFS JNI and Hadoop clients under both
                    LGPL version 2.1 and Apache License version 2.  Added
                    Omnibond to the Copyright in source files where
                * - Corrected readdir token processing that periodically
                    caused directory entries to be ignored.
                * - Enhanced error message in msgpairarray_completion_fn.
* - BMI
        * - InfiniBand protocol
                * - Improved IB's ability to report a lost connection,
                    the system interface to recover the connection.  Needed
                    for failover.

        * - Added warning to pvfs2-genconfig when multiple BMI modules are
            activated in the server config file.  This warning indicates
            having more than one BMI module enabled at runtime will degrade
            performance.  NOTE:  You can safely compile multiple BMI modules
            at configure time, but you don't want to activate multiple
            in your server config file, unless your situation demands it.

* - Software Infrastructure
        * - Improved Makefile processing for parallel make.
        * - Get prepare to fail more gracefully if automake is not

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